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Incentive Programmes

Whether you are trying to drive performance from your employees or produce incentives for your clients, Finders Keepers can run the perfect bespoke Promotion Scheme with our fully managed Reward Programmes ran by our experienced Team.

6.5 Million
Increase of Sales

Sales Increase

Return on Investment

Our previous clients have seen an increase of 6.5 Million in sales within 6 months, a 36% in sales increase and 46% on return of investment.

Project Timeline

The Brief

Before we can start, we would need to discuss what you would like to achieve from the incentive programme. We would be discussing the following details:

  • What the Incentive Programme is for
  • Whether it is as a tool to drive sales and/or to increase performance of your employees
  • Budget
  • Time frame
  • Customer / Client Demographics


The Event

Once we know what you would like to achieve, we will do our research and get our designers to come up with a programme for all aspects of your promotion. These would include; brochures, a personalised website, dedicated phone line and much more. We’ll price up your incentive scheme and give you many ideas and rewards that we could offer your employees or Clients.


The Big Launch

We would provide a range of ways to make your client base aware of the program, these could be:

Mini Sites


Beautiful, Hand Crafted in house mini sites can be created to help you keep track of progress of your customers, including stats and leader boards. Allow your clients to register onto the incentive program and allow them to track their progress and the incentives they can unlock.


Brochures, Leaflets and Posters

We can produce any form of printed publication specifically crafted for your promotion to be handed to your clients.

Targeted Contact

We can contact your contacts directly in any way possible. Including:

  • HTML Emails
  • Telephone

We can let them know if they’re close to hitting their goal, urge them to meet their targets, when they have achieved this and book them onto an event.


Keep It Going

Keep in contact with your clients. We’ll do all the leg work.

  • Targeted Emails – We’ll contact your clients regularly, letting them know how they’re progressing and congratulate them on achieving their targets.
  • By Phone – We’ll keep the relationship going also by telephone and we are on hand if they need to speak to us at any stage.
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