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What we love about the Six Nations

For a whopping seventy per cent of UK rugby fans, the Six Nations is the only time of the year that they watch live rugby. Given the array of superstars that populate the teams of New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, this might seem a little surprising. However, at Finders Keepers we think there are good reasons to love the tournament.

1) Local rivalry: There’s nothing quite as intense in any sport as a local derby. The Six Nations is basically a whole series of these, as centuries old rivalries play themselves out on the rugby field. Happily, patriotism in rugby is more likely to result in face painting or grown men wearing skirts than the mass slaughter with longbows and cannon of yesteryear.

2) It’s on at a sensible time: One of the beauties of the tournament not including teams from the Southern Hemisphere is that all of the matches take place in the same time zone. This means that fans can watch the rugby in the afternoon, when it should be played, rather than having to get up in the middle of the night to watch their team playing on the other side of the planet.

3) Valentine’s Day sits neatly in the middle of the tournament: For a romantically inclined rugby fan there’s surely no better treat than to take in a rugby match. For those who are interested in holding a Six Nations corporate hospitality event, this is a perfect time of the year to invite along the partners of attendees.

4) The winner isn’t predictable: The Six Nations can be, and has been, won by any of the teams that take part (except Italy). There is always hope for fans that this could be the year that their team triumphs. As a result, most of the games are meaningful and therefore engaging to watch.

5) A big fry up followed by a good number of pints: It’s important to be properly fuelled for watching rugby. This traditionally takes the form of greasy foodstuffs and lashings of beer.

If you’d be interested in incorporating the Six Nations into your corporate hospitality programme then please do give us a call at Finders Keepers.

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