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Make the most of your corporate team building event!

Corporate days out and team building events might be viewed by some as an extravagant expense. But when you choose Finders Keepers for your corporate day out, they are executed perfectly, and these activities can have immense value for your business.

Benefits of team building activities

Team events are an effective way to bring employees together. They can bond over fun and challenging activities, and great relationships can be formed that extend back to the workplace. They let staff members get to know each other better, and they’re an opportune way to break the ice between employees. If clients or business associates also take part in these events, this can forge better working relationships, and enhance loyalty.

Event choice matters

Here at Finders Keepers, we know that the type of event you choose is key. It needs to be one that all participants can get involved with, and it must have some element of inspiration that unites everybody. Increasingly, savvy businesses are recognising the benefits of choosing corporate events and activities that are fun, challenging and have a sporty twist to them. Sports activities, in particular, encourage members to work together as a team, to embrace a friendly, competitive spirit and have fun at the same time. It’s worth choosing an event that will be memorable – such as tank diving or quad biking – so that your staff or clients will continue to talk about it long after the day has passed.

Choose Finders Keepers

Don’t waste your time trying to organise a team building day yourself. Leave it to the experts to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, and so you can reap the maximum benefits from participation.

Here at Finders Keepers, for example, we offer a wide range of team building events that are ideal for corporate get-togethers of any size or budget. Far from the standard been-there-done-that type of activities, we arrange unique and inspiring events that participants will enjoy and benefit from, when they return to the office.

Whether you choose a day at Cheltenham races, a night at the dogs, tennis at Wimbledon, rowing at Henley or skydiving, we provide memorable activities that unite members and enhance their skills. For the less sporty, we can also arrange sight-seeing tours around London followed by a meal, which is bound to get the thumbs up from everyone. We recently organised a corporate event involving a cruise around London and a ride on the London Eye, followed by a meal in a top-notch restaurant. The team had an amazing time. Why not provide this experience for your staff?

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