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The romance of attending a Champions League match

Here at Finders Keepers, we believe there is something truly romantic about the Champions League.

It’s the pinnacle of European football and a glittering, high profile stage that all ambitious domestic clubs aspire to play on.

When your team has a Champions League fixture, there’s a very special air of passion around the club – it really is unlike any other game. Lots of us might forget the odd wedding anniversary, valentines day or a partner’s birthday, but true football fans will never forget the date of the next big ECL encounter.

From the ‘first date’ thrill of the build-up in the days ahead of the event, to the pre-match activity at the stadium, there is so much to get excited about even before a ball is kicked.

It goes without saying that team loyalty is always your number one priority, but coming up against Europe’s elite, the best of the best, gives any football fan the opportunity to appreciate the exquisite skill of some of the world’s best players; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, the list goes on and on.

For teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, where Champions League football has become the norm, the fan experience has been honed and polished into a slick, professional, high quality affair. They know how to do things right – even on such a prominent platform. A simple pre-match drink feels like a five-star experience and the corporate hospitality suites are usually packed with celebrity fans and ex-players, all adding to the allure of a very special night.

For mid table teams, who might only venture into the Champions League every couple of seasons, you could argue that the experience is even more special. There’s a seductive air of magic, excitement and tangible anticipation. The romance of entertaining the continent’s finest teams is fresh and invigorating and that buzz permeates every aspect of the club, from the stewards to the manager, from the car park to the centre circle.

And whether you are watching the club you’ve loved all your life, or you’re a neutral who is just there for a one-night stand, a Champions League match experience will live with you for years.

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