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The National Football League heads to the UK

The National Football League has dominated American television for decades, with scores of fans tuning in to watch the likes of the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders – amongst others – play in matches. For avid fans across the pond, new and old, NFL is headed to London as part of the 2017 season.

It has been confirmed that there will be four International Series games played in the British capital city; two of which will take place at Wembley Stadium. The first match will be between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars on September 24th, following which the Miami Dolphins will play the New Orleans Saints on October 1st. Both matches are due to commence at 2:30pm GMT.

There are also two games confirmed for Twickenham – the Los Angeles Rams will play the Arizona Cardinals on October 22nd at 6pm, while a week later, the Cleveland Browns will face up to the Minnesota Vikings at 1:30pm GMT.

It’s an exciting moment in which this well-loved sport lands on UK shores to introduce a new audience to its excitement. The Jacksonville Jaguars first began playing one home game per year at Wembley in 2013, and although this agreement was originally set to run out in 2016, they have extended it to 2020 due to the popularity. The number of NFL matches playing on UK soil has also increased this year, offering greater opportunities for fans.

In total the NFL consists of 32 teams, and serves as one of the four key professional sports leagues throughout North America. It is the highest level of professional American football available to play in globally. Typically, a regular season for the NFL will run across 17 weeks, starting the week after Labor Day until the week following Christmas. Throughout this time, each team will play 16 games and have one week in which they are exempt from playing (known as a bye week).

With the anticipation of the NFL arriving in the UK, there’s a lot of opportunity for entertaining companies and individuals, and cementing business relationships and opportunities through the shared enjoyment of this fast-paced, athletic sport. To book your corporate hospitality at the NFL, get in touch with us at Finders Keepers UK today.

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