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The power of incentive programmes

Never underestimate the power of incentive programmes, whether you’re aiming to produce client incentives, or boost employee performance.

Incentive programmes are useful tools employed by business owners to encourage, recognise and reward exceptional performance among their workforce. They inspire employees to motivate themselves to achieve higher levels of success.

Staff who feel valued will be more loyal to the company, feeling enthusiastic and performing better as a result. This leads to increased productivity and greater levels of employee engagement and retention.

Client incentives offer benefits to loyal customers, recognising and rewarding their continued loyalty in using your product or service. Customers enjoy feeling valued and offering incentives increases client satisfaction. Of course, it’s important to target the right customers with appropriate incentive programmes.

Bespoke promotion scheme

Finders Keepers provides a bespoke promotion scheme, offering a fully-managed rewards programme, operated by our experienced team. Clients who have used our promotion schemes have enjoyed an increase of £6.5 million in sales within six months, with a 46% return on investment and a 36% sales increase.

Before we launch an incentive programme, we will meet you for a full discussion on what you hope to achieve from your incentive programme. Whether you wish to increase employee performance or increase sales, we can devise the ideal bespoke programme for you, keeping to an affordable budget and working to a set time-frame.

Personalised programme

Once we have a plan in place, we carry out intensive research, before our designers come up with a suitable programme that covers all aspects of the promotion you require.

We’re able to provide a personalised website, brochures, a dedicated phone line and other benefits, providing many ideas and rewards for your clients or employees.

Targeted emails are sent out regularly to your clients to congratulate them on achieving targets and let them know how they are progressing while contacting them by telephone too. We’re always on hand should anyone need to speak to us at any time.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable, friendly team at Finders Keepers.

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